Recovery With
Minimal Impact

SiGNa’s breakthrough technology for tertiary
oil recovery and hydraulic fracturing can help —
by bringing new life to existing fields.

There has never been a more important time to optimize the yield from known oil and gas fields. The exploration for new fields is costly and environmental concerns related to new drilling continue to grow.

ActiveSand™ allows producers to unlock their trapped reserves quickly, responsibly and economically.

SiGNa’s alkali metal silicide technology is an important advancement for improved oilfield operations. Silicides have unique properties that potentially leverage the benefits of chemical, immiscible gas and thermal flooding techniques. Silicide’s reaction products, hydrogen, heat and silicate, can be used at any depth and will benefit a variety of oil & gas applications.

SiGNa’s ActiveSand™ provides a simple, accessible solution that leads to serious results.

For producers, ActiveSand™
  • Recovers up to 50 percent more heavy crude than
    other technologies
  • Recovers reserves more quickly than existing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques
  • Causes less disturbance to the environment
  • Is not limited by reservoir depth
  • Produces cleaner and safer wastewater
  • Can be used in parallel with other EOR and hydraulic
    fracturing techniques

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